A Systematic Approach to Fixed Income

In most investor portfolios, equities are the primary source of risk and return. Fixed income can play an important role of helping to diversify some of that risk.

The Core Plus Bond Fund aims to provide investors with a broad set of return sources through a consistent and repeatable process.

Systematic Core Plus strategies are designed to derive excess returns from the breadth of the holdings in the portfolio rather than from exposure to riskier assets. This makes these strategies not only a diversifying source of returns versus other asset classes such as equities, but also against traditional fixed income managers.

AQR's Jordan Brooks Explains Systematic Fixed Income

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Why Invest in the Core Plus Bond Fund?

Return Potential
The Fund seeks to consistently outperform the benchmark by systematically implementing fundamental drivers of fixed income returns such as Value, Momentum, Carry, and Defensive themes.
Overall Portfolio Diversification Potential
The Fund seeks excess returns that are uncorrelated to fixed income markets, other fixed income managers, as well as equity markets.
Risk-Managed Process
Unlike traditional approaches, this Fund does not take on additional credit or duration risk to achieve its return objectives. Rather, it seeks to maintain a risk level consistent with the benchmark.

There can be no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.


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