AQR Wins 2023 Lipper Fund Awards for its Risk-Balanced Commodities Strategy Fund


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AQR has been recognized for a third consecutive year by the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards. These annual awards highlight funds that have delivered consistently strong risk-adjusted returns relative to their peers. This year, the AQR Risk-Balanced Commodities Strategy Fund was awarded:

• Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards United States 2023 Winner, Best Commodities General Fund Over 3 Years

• Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards United States 2023 Winner, Best Commodities General Fund Over 5 Years 

These awards are based on the Fund’s risk-adjusted performance over the three- and five-year periods ending December 31, 2022. A total of 25 and 23 portfolios were considered in the 3 Year and 5 Year categories, respectively. 

Past performance does not guarantee future results. 

The Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards, granted annually, highlight funds and fund companies that have excelled in delivering consistently strong risk-adjusted performance relative to their peers. The Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards are based on the Lipper Leader for Consistent Return rating, which is a risk-adjusted performance measure calculated over 36, 60 and 120 months. The fund with the highest Lipper Leader for Consistent Return (Effective Return) value in each eligible classification wins the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Award. For more information, see Although Refinitiv Lipper makes reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data contained herein, the accuracy is not guaranteed by Refinitiv Lipper.
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Commodities and futures generally are volatile and involve a high degree of risk. The fund may trade more frequently and incur higher levels of brokerage fees and commissions, and cause higher levels of current tax liability to shareholders in the Fund. Prices of fixed income securities generally increase when interest rates decline and decrease when interest rates increase and may cause losses. The Adviser from time to time employs various hedging techniques, it is not possible to hedge fully or perfectly against any risk, and hedging entails its own costs. This Fund is not suitable for all investors. An investor considering the Funds should be able to tolerate potentially wide price fluctuations. The Funds may attempt to increase its income or total return through the use of securities lending, and they may be subject to the possibility of additional loss as a result of this investment technique. Risk allocation and attribution are based on estimated data, and may be subject to change.

There are risks involved with investing including the possible loss of principal.

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