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How We Invest

Fundamental Investing

We rely on sound economic theory and analysis to help us deliver long-term, repeatable results.

Systematically Applied

A disciplined methodology underlies everything we do. Our investment process, built over 20 years, is based on a continuous process of design, test, refine, repeat.

Thoughtfully Designed

In portfolio construction, risk management and trading, we seek additional value for our clients. Using both qualitative and quantitative tools, we’re meticulous in every detail of the investment process.


Why Diversify?

Adding diversifying strategies such as alternative investments to a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds can help increase the likelihood of achieving an investor’s long-term goals. 


Quick Clips: Managing Inflation Risk

Uncertainty over inflation has been unusually high this year, as rapid economic growth has been accompanied by large increases in prices for many goods and services. While economists had long expected that reopening following COVID-19 shutdowns would feature some degree of upward pressure on prices, the magnitude of acceleration in U.S. inflation was unexpected by most forecasters. 

Diversifying with Alternative Investments

Alternatives can help diversify and complement traditional portfolios by seeking returns that are independent from equity and bond markets and reducing overall sensitivity to traditional markets.

AQR Managed Futures Strategy Fund

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Diversification does not eliminate risk. Indexes are unmanaged and one cannot invest directly in an index.

The Adviser has contractually agreed to reimburse operating expenses of the Funds at least through January 28, 2024 for Large Cap Defensive Style Fund, International Defensive Style Fund, Large Cap Momentum Style Fund, Small Cap Momentum Style Fund, International Momentum Style Fund, Large Cap Multi-Style Fund, Small Cap Multi-Style Fund, International Multi-Style Fund, Emerging Multi-Style II Fund, Global Equity Fund and April 30, 2024 for Diversified Arbitrage Fund, Diversifying Strategies Fund, Equity Market Neutral Fund, Macro Opportunities Fund, Long-Short Equity Fund, Managed Futures Strategy Fund, Managed Futures Strategy HV Fund, Risk-Balanced Commodities Strategy Fund, Style Premia Alternative Fund, Multi-Asset Fund, and Sustainable Long-Short Equity Carbon Aware Fund. For additional details on annual fund operating expenses for each Fund, please see the underlying Funds’ prospectus. 

Prior to October 18, 2021 the AQR Macro Opportunities Fund was known as the AQR Global Macro Fund.

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