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    AQR Funds News

    1. November 30, 2018

      On November 19, 2018, AQR issued a supplement to the Prospectus of certain Funds revising the Closed Fund Policy for each Fund. The change permits existing investors to temporarily redeem from one of these Funds and reinvest a substantially equal amount back into the same Fund prior to February 28. Please see the Supplement for further details.

    2. Revised estimated income and capital gains distributions for 2018.

    3. AQR Funds Announce Estimated Income and Capital Gain Distributions for 2018

    4. The AQR Volatility Risk Premium Fund seeks to deliver equity market-like returns with lower overall risk than global equity markets by combining a risk-managed options-selling strategy with a systematic equity strategy.

    5. AQR Funds announce the following distribution dates for 2018.

    6. A Financial Times feature places AQR in the vanguard of the factor investing movement that is reshaping the asset management industry.

    7. Traditional bond managers often pull the same levers to achieve return targets: Take more credit risk. Lengthen maturity.

    8. This document contains important supplemental tax information for AQR Funds intended to help you file your 2017 tax returns.