AQR Diversified Arbitrage: A Multifaceted Approach to Arbitrage Investing

Arbitrage strategies seek to profit from corporate capital raising events such as equity and debt new issues, and corporate control events such as mergers and bankruptcies. Because these strategies are typically tied to fiscal events of specific companies, they can provide a source of returns that is independent from equity and bond investments.

Diversified Arbitrage employs three types of arbitrage strategies: Merger Arbitrage, 1 1 Close Merger arbitrage consists of buying shares of the target company in a proposed merger and hedging the exposure to the acquirer by shorting the stock of the acquiring company.  Convertible Arbitrage, 2 2 Close Convertible arbitrage consists of buying convertible securities and attempting to mitigate the risks associated with the investment by shorting the stock of the issuer. and Event-driven Investments. 3 3 Close Event-driven investments involve various corporate actions where very similar assets begin to trade at different prices (e.g., the different share classes of a public company's stock). Each strategy is an alternative investment to a traditional portfolio, and the combination of strategies provides the opportunity to benefit from different types of corporate events.


Arbitrage opportunities can be created by financial events across the corporate lifecycle.

Benefits to Investors Include:

Seeks Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns
The Fund seeks to provide a steady and independent source of returns to a portfolio of stocks and bonds, aiming to maintain strong performance over the long term.
Potential to Perform in Up and Down Markets
Based on opportunities presented by the market, the Fund will tactically adjust strategy exposure and fund leverage. The Fund aims to be uncorrelated to the general market and has the potential to move in the same or opposite direction.
Portfolio Diversification
Since the Fund tends to behave differently than typical stock and bond strategies, it can be a potential diversifying source to a traditional portfolio.

An investment in any of the AQR Funds involves risk, including loss of principal. The Fund seeks long-term absolute (positive) returns. The Fund has the risk that the anticipated arbitrage opportunities do not play out as planned, resulting in potentially reduced returns or losses to the Fund as it unwinds its trades. This fund enters into a short sale by selling a security it has borrowed. If the market price of a security increases after the Fund borrows the security, the Fund will suffer a potentially unlimited loss when it replaces the borrowed security at the higher price. Short sales also involve transaction and other costs that will reduce potential Fund gains and increase potential Fund losses. The Fund uses derivatives to hedge certain economic exposures. The use of derivatives exposes the Fund to additional risks including increased volatility, lack of liquidity, and possible losses greater than the Fund's initial investment as well as increased transaction.

Diversification does not eliminate risk.

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Diversification does not eliminate the risk of experiencing investment loss. There are risks involved with investing including the possible loss of principal.

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There are risks involved with investing including the possible loss of principal.
Past performance does not guarantee future results.
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